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Growing Together: We’ll donate the tree shelters, you plant the trees

9 January 2023

Tubex Grow Together donates tree shelters to charitable projects.

We have recently launched our latest charitable initiative, Grow Together – meaning we can donate tree shelters to planting projects up and down the UK every three months.

Why we launched Grow Together

With huge planting targets set by the UK Government and a goal of 30,000 hectares of woodland to be planted every year by 2024, there is an undeniable need for large-scale planting.

Tree shelters are proven to help with sapling survival and overall tree protection. By launching Grow Together, we’re hoping to directly help some of the many planting projects currently appearing all over the UK.

We continuously stress at Tubex that, although we may be a big company in the forestry industry, it’s a fundamental principle of ours to never lose sight of the real goal. That is, to dramatically increase the planting of trees and ensure survival rates are as high as possible.

Without working and Grow(ing) Together, huge tree planting efforts could be futile, which of course, nobody wants.

How Grow Together works

Our campaign to donate tree shelters to relevant projects includes both our recyclable and biodegradable shelters. The decision of which type of tree shelter should be donated will be carefully considered and decided on a case-by-case basis.

This depends on the type of project, the location and accessibility for shelter collection. Where possible we will offer our recyclable shelters so that our donations can be collected and reused at end-of-life as this is the preferred option for limiting environmental impact.

When collection isn’t possible or practical – we will likely opt for our Tubex Nature biodegradable range.

Nominate a project today and we will donate tree shelters

All you have to do is let us know about your planting project that can benefit from our tree shelters, and we’ll do the rest.

We’re currently taking nominations right now, and all non-profit planting projects that apply will be reviewed and considered!


“We already work with many UK tree planting charities and have seen first-hand the benefits that the right choice of shelter can make to their success. It makes perfect sense to formalise that approach and allow other charities and community projects to apply for support. We look forward to using Grow Together to extend such partnerships to many more worthwhile causes and exciting projects.”



Image of Tubex's Grow Together scheme logo

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