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Introducing the next generation of tree shelters

Tubex Nature designed to be biodegradable in Nature

The most sustainable alternative solution designed for areas with dense woodland and difficult access where collection and recycling is not practical. Available from October 2021.

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Tubex Report Card 2021

Tubex Report Card 2021: 6.5 million trees protected and 150,000 tree shelters recycled

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Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme

Join the Future of Forestry

Introducing our tree-shelter Collection & Recycling Programme, now available across the UK.
Get ready to collect and recycle!

Always advancing to protect what's important


At Tubex, we are striving to move away from a take-make-waste model, as we move forward into a circular model where materials never become waste.

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Contain Up to 30% of recycled polymer

Tubex Standard tree shelters

Our standard tree shelters enhance growth and higher survival rates by creating a micro-climate. Did you know that in 2020 tree shelters saved 12.5M saplings in the UK only?

Advancing Growth

A leading supplier in physical tree and plant protection

Our shelters provide an improved micro-climate for growth, assisting with the establishment of stronger roots and leading to higher survival rates.

The Benefits of Tree Shelters

Tubex Ventex

Our most popular tree shelter in Europe

Tubex Ventex is the ideal tree shelter for warmer climates; with the added focus upon optimising stem diameter and plant biomass, improving the growing conditions of trees on these climates.

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Tree shelters collected through Tubex Collection and Recycling Programme in 2021

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Kg of plastic collected to be recycled by Berry within UK

Tubex collection and recycling programme

With the creation of the Collection & Recycling Programme we hope to be able to offer a simple and effective solution to close the loop and ensure responsible disposal is within reach for everyone

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At Tubex we are always advancing to improve the sustainability of our products and reduce our carbon footprint, by striving to improve the solutions we bring to the market.

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Benefits of Tree Shelters

We estimated that in 2020 tree shelters saved 12.5 million saplings, which without individual tree protection would not have survived, this only considering the UK market. Find out how tree shelters can improve tree survival and growth for your business.

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Market Leaders

Full design and manufacturing of tree and plant protection including Forestry, Landscaping, Viticulture and Fruits

Our wide portfolio of tree and shrub shelter excels in a variety of applications and environmental conditions.

A Global Brand

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Waste to landfill since 2019

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Tree shelters save around 13 Million saplings in the UK each year, which without individual tree protection would likely not have survived

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Up to 40% recycled content already used in all Tubex standard products


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