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Severn Trent – Recyclable Tree Shelters Protect Commonwealth Legacy Forests


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Woodland Creation & Carbon Sequestration




Severn Trent Commonwealth Forests


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As part of its commitment to the Commonwealth Legacy Forest Project, water company Severn Trent has pledged to plant a massive 2,022 acres of new forest over the coming years and is using Tubex Recyclable tree shelters to protect the new saplings.

"Tubex is a leading manufacturer. Their shelters have longevity and a brilliant collection and recycling scheme for end-of-life."
Matthew Wilcoxon, Senior Forestry Manager - Severn Trent

The Project

The Commonwealth Legacy Forest Project was established in part to offset the carbon emissions from the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. The initiative has seen 455 acres of new woodland created since planting began in 2021, with a mixture of cell-grown native broadleaf and conifer saplings.

Planting is being facilitated by Severn Trent’s dedicated forestry team who must tackle a huge variety of planting locations and site conditions. This has been a challenge, requiring constant adaptation, coupled with the need to secure planning permission for each individual location.

The Solution

Tubex’s Recyclable tree shelter range, which contains an average of 35% recycled content, was specified to protect the new saplings and ensure their survival to maturity.

Of particular note was the forestry team’s intention to potentially leave shelters in place for longer than the usual five years, in order to protect the bark of young trees.

This decision was taken due to deer often scratching themselves on trees which can damage the bark at a time when the young tree is still vulnerable.

Due to the scale of the project, Tubex Recyclable tree shelters were selected as the lowest impact solution due to the Severn Trent team’s intention to use Tubex’s Collection & Recycling Programme at end-of-life.

Find out more about our Collection & Recycling Programme here.