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Our range of biodegradable wraps that expand as the tree grows, for easy installation.


NEW – Tubex Nature™ Easywrap

Our biodegradable vole guard to protect young trees from small rodents and strimmers.


NEW – Tubex Nature™ Vole Guard

Our largest diameter biodegradable tree shelter for shrubs and bushier plants


Tubex Nature™ Shrub Shelter

Our most popular biodegradable tree shelter for enhanced growth and protection


Tubex Nature™ Standard

Our recyclable wraps that expand as the tree grows, for easy installation and removal.

Recycled & Recyclable

NEW – Tubex Easywrap Wrap Range

Provide a micro-climate for trees which results in better initial establishment and…

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Standard

TUBEX COMBITUBE tree shelters are designed for more exposed sites where there is a…

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Combitube

TUBEX ECOSTART is designed to offer a reliable, yet economic, solution to rabbit…

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Ecostart

The ideal tree shelter for warmer climates

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Ventex

The first Tubex vine shelter and our premier viticulture product

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Vine Original

Tubex Ecovine offers an economical solution to vine growth enhancement and protection

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Ecovine

Tubex vine standard offers the optimum light transmission, strength and ease of…

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Standard Vine

The Tubex Plantation provides an improved growing environment, .suitable for a wide…

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Plantation

Range of tree shelters with larger diameters designed to improve survival rate of…

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Shrub Shelter

Recycled plastic mesh to protect young trees from browsing animals, suitable for…

Recycled & Recyclable

Treeguard Mesh Tube

100% recycled plastic range of Mesh shrub guards to protect young shrubs from browsing…

Recycled & Recyclable

Treeguard Mesh for Shrubs

Tubex mesh tree guards cut to size for protecting young trees and saplings

12mm square recycled plastic mesh, supplied as cut sheets for forming on site into…

Recycled & Recyclable

Treeguard Mesh Cut to Size

50m rolls of TREEGUARD mesh

Recycled & Recyclable

Treeguard Mesh Rolls

Tubex Sentree Treeguard is a heavy weight recycled plastic mesh treeguard supplied on…

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Sentree – Treeguard Mesh

Tubex Vole Guard is a tightly rolled plastic cylinder designed to protect young trees…

Recycled & Recyclable

Tubex Vole Guard

The Tubex Ancorfix is a rubber tie that can be used for staking, or securing.

Tubex Ancorfix

Tubex offer a range of tree planting accessories including Ancorfix, plastic anchor…

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