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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the growth of the tree balanced? Root-shoot ratios? Height-diameter ratios?

The ratio of root to shoot and also of height to diameter is sometimes affected when using very tall tubes. For example in a 1.5m tube, compared with a tree planted without a shelter, the tree inside the shelter can sometimes grow a little taller than would naturally occur given the diameter of the trunk, but this only happens whilst the tree is within the tube. As soon as the tree exits the shelter then the natural growth ratios return. If this is a concern then using ventilated shelters such as Combitube and Ventex will slow the growth of the tree/vine and actually enhance the root and stem growth beyond that achieved with no Tubex shelter.

Does it become too hot inside the tube?

There is almost always an increase in temperature inside Tubex tubes (less so with ventilated tubes such as Combitube and Ventex) but our experience tells us that even in hot countries such as Spain, in most cases this is not enough to damage the tree or reduce growth rates. The increase is only around 2-6 degrees depending on conditions (wind etc.

Is the improved growth maintained?

Once the tree gets out of the top of the Tubex tube there is still a growth benefit – Tubex tubes reduce weeds and maintain moisture around the tree, so the tree continues to grow more strongly if using Tubex.