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Tree Shelter Collection & Recycling Programme

Research shows recycled tree shelters to be the lowest environmental impact solution. With the Tubex tree shelter collection and recycling programme, you can recycle your used tree shelters into new tree shelters, while ensuring a responsible disposal. Available across the UK.

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Grow Together – Tree Shelter Donations

Our charitable initiative to support tree planting projects across the UK through the donation of tree shelters to charities and community projects. Nominate a project now.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

At Tubex, we have been pioneering tree shelter solutions since the 1980s, giving saplings the best chances at growth. Learn about the strategy behind our commitment to promote the move towards a circular economy, including our products, operations, and partners.


Recycled Content

Tubex recyclable tree shelters are the only ones in the market containing recycled content. We are aiming for an estimated 30% recycled content across our portfolio for the 22/23 season. Did you know? Independent research shows tree shelters with 35% recycled content, recycled at the end of life, such as Tubex, are the lowest environmental impact tree guarding solution.