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The Deer Park – Expansion of Woodland Walk Sees 15,000 Saplings Protected


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Large Scale Amenity Planting


Hoar Cross, Staffordshire


The Deer Park & Robinson Forestry


Cheviot Trees & Wyevale Nurseries


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A chance encounter led to a major amenity tree planting project at The Deer Park located in the National Forest. Robinson Forestry facilitated the planting of over 15,000 new trees, all protected with Tubex Recyclable Tree Shelters as an expansion of The Deer Park’s popular woodland walk.

“Tubex is a leading manufacturer; although we’ve used many different brands in the past, Tubex have always come out on top. Their shelters have longevity, and they have a brilliant collection and recycling scheme for end-of-life.”
Charles Robinson, Managing Director of Robinson Forestry

The Project

The Deer Park Farm Shop, Cafe & Woodland Walk, located in Hoar Cross, Staffordshire, is owned by the Prince family who opened a woodland walk in response to the first COVID-19 lockdown, which allowed members of the public

The woodland walk proved to be incredibly successful even after COVID restrictions were relaxed, but it was a chance encounter with Charles Robinson – Managing Director of Robinson Forestry, a leading forest management consultancy – who spotted a fallen tree on the woodland walk, that led to the ambitious plan to expand the existing woodland walk through the planting of new trees.

The Solution

Completed in early 2023, The Deer Park’s amenity planting project saw the creation of 15.7 hectares of new woodland and parkland, with a range of mostly native trees and shrubs, including over 130 standalone parkland trees and over six miles of new fencing.

Species selection was mostly mixed native with oak, sycamore, field maple, Scots pine and a number of shrubs. To support the project, funding was provided through two grants from the National Forest, which Robinson Forestry helped to secure.

Tubex Recyclable Tree Shelters were specified by Robinson Forestry to protect the newly planted trees and shrubs from browsing agents such as rabbits, voles and deer, whilst providing a beneficial microclimate within the shelter which results in better initial establishment and higher survival rates.

Tubex Recyclable Tree Shelters are manufactured using an average of 35% recycled material and are fully recyclable at their end-of-life through the company’s Collection and Recycling Programme.

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