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Tubex speaks to the BBC about tree protection

14 December 2023

James Taylor Tubex

During October’s Recycle Week, our Commercial Director James Taylor lent his expertise to broadcasters nationwide to educate the public about tree shelters and highlight the importance of tree shelter recycling in the forestry sector

Sustainability and the role of plastics have been a hot topic in recent years, and we passionately believe in our message that recyclable plastics have an important role to play in tree planting.

This year, we had the opportunity to share that passion with the wider UK public during Recycle Week.

Hitting the airwaves of nine radio stations – including four BBC regional stations – James enlightened over 1.9 million listeners across several days as he hopped from station to station discussing the importance of tree protection to ensure successful tree planting, the role of recyclable tree shelters, their low environmental impact, and our free tree shelter Collection and Recycling Scheme.

Listen to a selection of James’ interviews and find out what he had to say:

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