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Latest recycling run highlights the benefits of collecting used tree shelters

10 October 2023

The continuing success of the Tubex Tree Shelter Collection & Recycling Programme is evident following the latest recycling run at our sister site at Berry BPI, Heanor, where the recycling of used tree shelters took place.

Throughout the Summer, used tree shelters have been collected from the environment and sent to Heanor for recycling. The photos shown here were taken from the recycling run at the end of August, and provide an insight into the scale of the operation.

The Heanor site took delivery of two full loads of used Tubex tree shelters, which had been collected from the hubs we operate in partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, before being baled and compacted.

The combined weight of these loads was 21.81 tonnes, equivalent to approximately 250,000 tree shelters.

At Heanor, the loads were then shredded, washed and re-pelletised, ready to be transported back to our tree shelter manufacturing plant in Aberdare.

The final weight of the recyclate was 17.12 tonnes: a recovery rate against the input of 78.5 per cent – a huge amount of material that is no longer out in the wild and will be used to make more shelters to help the trees of the future to survive and thrive.

And, of course, this is just one of many such recycling runs. Please check in to our news section or our LinkedIn page for further updates on how many shelters we are collecting and recycling.

Do you have used tree shelters we can collect? Click here to find out more about the Tubex Tree Shelter Collection & Recycling Programme.

Did you know?

If you’re wondering why we can’t recover 100 per cent of the original load, there is plenty of material that arrives at the site which isn’t suitable for recycling.

The process of washing and shredding removes contaminants such as dirt, dust, paper, and even other (non-Tubex) shelters that are made from other materials.

However, even these byproducts have their benefits. As much as possible, we use the discarded material as waste-for-energy.

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