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Restoration Planting – San Antonio, USA

17 January 2013

Up to 40,000 Tubex Shrubshelters have been installed at the Bioregional Habitat Restoration, San Antonio Creek Project, USA. The project was installed by Restoration Resources, a contractor that specializes in wetland and wildlife mitigation and restoration

Company Profile:

Restoration Resources is a design/build landscape and general engineering contractor that specializes in wetland and wildlife mitigation and restoration. They provide on-site and off-site restoration and creation of a variety of native California habitats including vernal pools fresh/salt water marsh, large wetland complexes, riparian and oak woodlands, and native grasslands for private and public sector clients in need of mitigation.

Project Description:

Bioregional Habitat Restoration, San Antonio Creek Project was to restore approximately 10,000 linear feet of San Antonio Creek upstream of the San Antonio Reservoir, and provide mitigation planting and irrigation on approximately 203 acres. A total of 362,000 plants were planned to be installed with approximately 197,000 of the plants being irrigated with soaker or drip irrigation powered by a solar operated pump. The number of plants that used Tubex Shrub shelters was 39,100.

Why Tubex was used:

The tree protection for this project was contractor’s design and having previously used Tubex Tree and Shrubshelters on numerous past projects, Restoration Resources knew the product was right for the job. In their situation they liked how Tubex Shrubshelters protected the plants from squirrels, which are a huge problem on a site like this. They also liked the protection the seedlings and even seeds are provided by the Shrubshelters.

To find out further information from Restoration resources, please visit their website :