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TUBEX and Future Trees Trust ‘Advancing Growth Together’

17 April 2014

After a successful year of sponsoring Jo Clark, Future Trees Trust (FTT) Research Coordinator at Earth Trust, TUBEX have decided to build on the success of this great partnership for another year. The objective of the role is to achieve as much as possible in terms of research, profile, awareness, advocacy and stakeholder engagement. We are delighted to be able to work with Future Trees Trust and wish them all the best in 2014. Read more about the Future Trees Trust here

 A year in the life of FTT Research Coordinator….

2013 was Future Trees Trust’s busiest year since it started, and much of their success has been due to the addition of a part-time Research Coordinator role, funded by TUBEX. Key activities achieved in 2013 included;

Engaging with Government in two important projects  – ‘A Future With Broadleaved Trees’ and ‘The Living Ash Project’

Significant progress made with a number of tree-breeding projects;

 Oak phenology study – a project to study the timing of budburst

 Sweet Chestnut – collection of breeding material and preparation of grants from all sweet chestnut plus trees completed

Birch scoping study – support Dr Scott Wilson with his study into tree improvement and silvicultural research requirements in relation to the potential use       of downy birch and aspen for upland wood-fuel

Species diversification and sustainable seed sources – John Weir at Forestry Commission has enlisted FTT’s help in reviewing the currently registered           seed stands and to find sustainable sources of seed for several species, working with the Woodland Trust and Millennium Seed Bank

What’s to come in 2014?

Building on the success Future Trees Trust had in 2013, 2014 looks to be and equally busy year. We at TUBEX will bring you updates from the work Future Trees Trust and jo Clark embark on and wish them all the best in their endeavors