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TUBEX announces NEW UK Distributor Network

15 August 2014

Important change to TUBEX Distributor Network

As from August 2014, TUBEX will no longer be selling direct to the end user market. this will mean that all UK sales enquiries will be directed to five key distributors.

┬áThe objective at TUBEX is to add value to its customers by understnading their needs. Having a focused distributor network allows TUBEX customers’ gain product and industry specific knowledge, quick service and plenty of stock. The TUBEX brand is now recognised worldwide as one representing quality of product and service. As an extension of TUBEX, the five official TUBEX Distributors will represent the brand and consistently deliver on the promise of product quality and service.

Simon Place still remains as UK Sales Manger and will be focusing his time and efforts on supporting the distributors through efficient supply manangement as well as product knowledge and industry updates. Freeing Simon up from all the pricing calls during the season will allow him to play an active part in the industry. Simon is avaialble for customer site visits, support in the transfer to distributors, product training, specification help, product selection and CPD seminars. Please feel free to pick up the phone and pick his brains!

TUBEX’s factory still remains in Aberdare, Wales where it continues to employ 60+ people. TUBEX prides itself on being a British manufacturing site and aims to continuously grow sales in order to sustain the UK site. As such, Tim Olvier (previous UK sales manager) now has the job of spreading the TUBEX message to mainland Europe using all the experience gained from growing trees in TUBEX in the UK!

Having the lonstanding experience and expertise of Tim, Simon and the five distributors in the TUBEX family is a quality that TUBEX believes you cannot find anywhere else.

TUBEX is the no.1 brand of shelters that protect and enchance the growth of young plants. Offering plant protection solutions to Landscaping, Forestry and Horticulture applications, TUBEX has been specially designed to increase growth through a microclimate as well as being a physical barrier from animal browsing, machinery maintenance and herbicide spraying. Products include treeshelters, shrubshelters, shelterguard and tree wraps.