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TUBEX exhibits in India at the Kisan fair in Pune

9 February 2017

TUBEX recently showed off its Ecovine, Fruitwrap and Vinewrap products at India’s largest agricultural trade fair.

The Kisan Fair in Pune drew a crowd of around 200,000 visitors, many of whom were farmers looking to secure a swift return on their planting investment.

Tim Oliver, TUBEX Business Development Manager, explained: “Farmers in India are often desperate to reach the market with early season crops, as they can command a higher price.

“When we explained how TUBEX products can protect planting investment and yield a swifter and more profitable return we saw a great deal of interest.”

TUBEX was co-exhibiting with Bangalore-based Agriplast Tech India, a local distributor renowned for providing high quality products. To find out more about the TUBEX product portfolio and where our solutions are being used, contact Tim Oliver on