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TUBEX launches new Agroforestry Guide

29 July 2015

ABERDARE, U.K. – 24th July, 2015 – TUBEX, designers and producers of specialty treeshelters for the establishment of quality trees, will be launching an Agroforestry Guide at the Demo Forest show, which is taking place between 28th to 29th July 2015 in Bertrix, Belgium.

Created alongside the European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF) with support from the Centre de Development Agroforestrier de Chimay (CDAF), A Guide to Agroforestry summarises the benefits of planting trees in mixtures with crops or livestock, providing examples of agroforestry, reasons for its use and guidance on how to establish agroforestry projects.

The guide will officially be launched by Willy Borsus, the Belgian minister for small businesses, self-employment, Small and Medium Enterprises, agriculture and social integration, at a press conference during the exhibition on 29th July at 3pm.

Joel Gamboa, technical sales from TUBEX, commented, “Agroforestry is extremely important in creating more diverse, productive, profitable and sustainable land. It also encourages biodiversity and provides habitats for pollinators and predators. Protecting trees during the establishment period is important and using TUBEX treeshelters allows farmers flexibility in how they establish trees and manage their land. We are really excited to now be launching this new Agroforestry Guide alongside our partner EURAF and with the support of CDAF.”

At the show TUBEX will also be showcasing its Ventex (also known as Equilibre in France) speciality treeshelter for the agroforestry market, which was designed following studies into the establishment of trees for agroforestry. TUBEX Ventex, which has been successfully deployed for both broadleaves and conifers across much of Europe, creates a balanced microclimate favourable for the good and fast establishment of young trees whilst preventing damage by domestic or wild animals.

Demo Forest is one of the largest sites for forestry demonstrations in Europe, with 150 exhibitors across 150 hectares of forest. The show, which follows the Foire de Libramont exhibition, attracts over 30,000 visitors each year.

To request a PDF or print copy of A Guide to Agroforestry (available in French or English), please contact TUBEX Agroforestry by emailing