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Tubex pledges ongoing commitment to collection and recycling of tree shelters

22 November 2023

In recognition of the need for responsible end-of-life solutions for polypropylene (PP) tree shelters – and following the success of our Tree Shelter Collection and Recycling Programme – Tubex has pledged to retain the Programme, so that anybody with used tree shelters has access to sustainable disposal.

James Taylor, Commercial Director at Tubex said:

“We see a strong collection infrastructure as integral to the viability of recycled PP tubes, so while we are running the Tubex business we intend for this service to remain in place.

“The Tubex Tree Shelter Collection and Recycling programme offers a simple and cost-effective solution to close the loop and ensure responsible disposal.

“Therefore, we would like to assure customers of our commitment to this project not just for this season but for the years ahead and the new projects that are only at a planning stage right now”.

To ensure that the responsible disposal and recycling of tree shelters is within reach of everyone, customers can access the Tubex Collection and Recycling Programme in two ways:

  • Free drop-off at collection hubs across the UK.
  • On-site collection from £39 per bag collected.

All collected shelters will then be shredded, washed and re—pelletised so they can be incorporated into the manufacturing of new tree shelters.

We currently have a 95% yield from all shelters collected, which means that 95% of everything we collect has been able to go back into producing new tree shelters. This is a figure we are extremely proud of and proves the viability of recycling and this scheme.

Further details of the Programme can be found at:


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