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Tubex showcases its most popular European shelter

17 April 2011

Shot in the forest of Baden Baden, Germany, the Tubex video provides a new medium with which to showcase Tubex treeshelters.

Shot in the forest of Baden Baden, Germany, the Tubex video provides a new medium with which to showcase Tubex treeshelters. The video highlights the many benefits Tubex shelters bring, not only to the plants and foresters but also to the surrounding environment.

Since the development of Tubex treeshelters, their reach has expanded beyond the UK and they are currently used in over 45 countries around the world. Over the years, Tubex has continually improved its products to suit to the needs of trees and foresters within a variety of climates. With the assistance of strong, proactive partners Tubex aims to deliver the best solutions in woody stemmed plant protection and establishment.

Luis Fernando Rego, Export Manager explains the rationale behind creating the video “The Tubex product video follows many years of trying to understand customer needs and is designed to be a medium to revisit and reinforce the many beneficial aspects of using Tubex treeshelters.”

We believe it is important for foresters, technicians, academics and anyone interested in plant establishment, to be able to see the positive results obtained by using Tubex products in a real environment.”

Baden Baden, Germany

The video highlights the use of 2 year old seedlings at the Oak tree plantation in Baden Baden, as it is clear these develop a much stronger root system due to the microclimate created by  Tubex treeshelters.

Dr Anton Hammer, a Retired forester and ex-President of the German Forestry Association, discovered Tubex technology when trying to cope with the challenges which arose from reafforestation following damages caused by Lothar. In the video he explains the need for Tubex shelters to protect against animal browsing and competing flora, and concludes by showing an 8 year old oak with a height of 7m and a diameter at breast height of 7cm.

The star of the show: Tubex Ventex

Tubex is pleased to feature one of their most popular treeshelters on the European market in its first ever product video. With its patented ventilation system, Ventex is widely used in Europe, as it is considered one of the best solutions for plant establishment in their climate.

Tubex Ventex improves growing conditions for trees by modifying the traditional treeshelter balance of air (primarily CO2), air humidity and light to produce ‘optimum’ growing conditions where these elements are in ‘equilibrium’. These modified conditions are produced by specifically sized and positioned ventilation holes and a modified shelter colour and light transmission profile.

The unique combination of features which make Tubex treeshelters so beneficial to foresters and young trees are also present in the Tubex Ventex.

The Tubex Product Video

Tubex treeshelters are used in many countries, and the successes showcased here in Baden Baden, Germany can be found the world over. This video is a universal way to illustrate the positive results which can be achieved by using Tubex treeshelters.

The video is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian