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What is Tubex Standard made of?

4 October 2021

As we close the tree shelter collection season, at Tubex we wanted to share how we are working to achieve a 100% recycled Tubex Standard tree shelter in the next few years, and how increasing our products’ recycled content will help us move towards a circular economy.

Contrary to what you might have heard, a recent LCA study showed collecting and recycling polypropylene tree shelters is the preferred environmental solution with the lowest impact on the planet, even when compared to bio-based and biodegradable solutions.

Today, our Tubex Standard tree shelters contain up to 40% recycled polymer, and our goal is to continuously increase that amount until we reach 100%, to further minimise their footprint.

But where are we sourcing Tubex Standards’ recycled content from?

  1. Our Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme
  2. External recycled polypropylene suppliers
  3. Internal redistribution of polymer waste within other branches of our parent company Berry.

Our Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme, available across the UK, provides an effective solution to ensure a responsible closed-loop disposal of used Tubex tree shelters and maximise their potential through recycling. The more shelters we collect, the closer we are to reaching a 100% recycled product.

Since the scheme only launched this year, and while it reaches its full potential, we are also sourcing recycled polymer from external recycling companies to help us reach our goal. We are always open to partnering with new suppliers of recycled polypropylene, so please contact us if you want to help us reach our goal.

At Tubex we are very lucky to be part of Berry Global, which gives us access to cutting-edge recycling facilities within our organisation. Hence, internally we redistribute polymer waste from other plants within the Berry organisation to use as recycled content for manufacturing Tubex tree shelters, minimising our internal waste and use of virgin resources.

Increasing the recycled content of our products is a big focus within our bigger sustainability efforts at Berry to support the future of our planet through our products, operations and partners. By driving sustainability from within, we can leverage our scale and capabilities to support this initiative and many others.

As a result of these efforts, we have Tubex Standard, our leading high-performing tree shelter that gives trees the best start in life, while being the only tree shelter in the market containing up to 40% recycled content.

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