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How does the Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme work?

20 May 2021

Collection and recycling of tree shelters is crucial to face one of the main challenges the forestry industry experiences today; the disposal of used tree shelters. The Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme provides a simple yet effective answer to this challenge. But how does the Tubex Collection & Recycling programme really work?

When designing our tree shelter recycling programme, we had in mind to build a very simple and easy process, and to make it accessible to all Tubex users. The Tubex Collection and Recycling Programme consists of 5 steps:

  1. Place your order for the required number of bulk sacks. First of all, get in contact with the Tubex team or your Tubex Distributor and sign up for the programme. To participate in the Tubex Collection and Recycling programme you will need the dedicated bulky sacks. One sack can fit around 350 Tubex standard tree shelters, at 1.2m height.

You can sign up at or get in contact with your Tubex distributor

  1. Remove the tree shelters and fill the bulk sacks. Once the tree is established and resistant against extreme weather conditions, mechanical impacts or animal browsing, remove the tree shelter and fill the dedicated bulk sacks with the used tree shelters. When the sacks are full please advise us so we can pick it up for you.
  2. Bulk sacks collection. Tubex will collect the bulk sacks and take them back to the distributor to store. Once we have a full lorry load of tubes in bulk sacks, Tubex will again organise transport and collect from the distributor to take the tubes to the recycling plant. It is advised that 1-6 sacks are recycled locally or through your Tubex distributor. For more than 6 sacks contact Tubex team or your Tubex Distributor.
  3. Recycling. Once at the recycling plant, the tubes will be sorted, cleaned and afterwards reprocessed into rPP pellets or HDPE granulate.
  4. Closing the loop. Recycled rPP pellets or granulate will be re-used in Tubex products or to other Berry Global products.

The Tubex Collection and Recycling Programme is a non-for-profit-scheme, the cost of participating is to cover the expenses of running the programme, project quotes are provided ad-hoc. The Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme is now available to all Tubex tree shelters, across the UK.

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