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Tree protection high on the agenda at APF 2022

3 October 2022

Tree protection high on the agenda at successful APF 2022

Tubex was delighted to return to APF in 2022 after a 4-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as – in our humble opinion – the show was a huge success for tree protection.

We were pleased to reconnect with everyone in-person this year, and enjoyed some incredibly insightful conversations with our customers, customers-to-be and distributors.

The need for industry standards in tree protection

Key topics under discussion included how the forestry industry has changed in recent years, and how things continue to change. The Government’s tree planting targets are growing, which has highlighted the need for tree protection more than ever.

Attending APF 2022 has helped us put into perspective where the some of the gaps may be in the industry and how we can all better ourselves. We believe that it needs to begin with clearer standards so that all our users and customers can be assured that what they are investing in is a sound, reliable product, whatever the source.

It was clear from walking around the exhibition that there has been an explosion in the number of new products for tree protection. It is fascinating to see the level of innovation and investment, but even so we should all work together to set clear standards to make end user choice more simple and assured.

Not only must a good tree shelter ensure their sapling survives to maturity but there also needs to clear guidance on exactly when and where to use the tree shelter for optimum results. This way, we can avoid unnecessary failed planting projects and work towards the goal of more trees – which ultimately, is what we all want!

Investing into Life Cycle Analysis to assess sustainability

Biodegradability was a recurring theme, as highlighted by the prominence of several biodegradable tree shelters not available at the last APF – including Tubex Nature. All the same, it was clear from our conversations that there remains scope for a more nuanced approach to the wider question of sustainability, as opposed to biodegradability only.  Questions of material choice, end-of-life action and circularity are key to Tubex’s philosophy, and the industry as a whole should be looking at a greater level of Life Cycle Analysis to understand the nuances of true sustainability.

Connecting customers for smaller collections

It’s because of our own work in circularity that we continue to see huge interest in the Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme. One common theme was requests for smaller collections than six bags. As a result, we’re looking into how best we can connect different customers to enable grouped collections from the same area.  If you have less than 6 bags let us know where you are and how many bags and we will try to match you with neighbouring collections.

All in all, it was a successful three days – and a hugely promising indication of what the future holds for tree protection.

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