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Tubex customers report successful tree planting season – with more to come

29 July 2022

Tree shelter manufacturing

Following the successful 2021-22 tree planting season, tree shelter specialist Tubex is investing in stock, capacity, automation and sustainability to support further anticipated increases in demand during the coming year.

These initiatives have been undertaken in the light of detailed conversations between Tubex – a brand of Berry Global – and its customers about the successes and challenges of the season.

How planting trees helps the environment

Tree planting continues to grow apace in the UK, as both public and private initiatives respond to ambitious planting targets and new government incentives, and carbon offsetting projects further establish themselves. “Carbon offsetting, the desire to demonstrate tangible sustainability, the excellent incentives for planting – not to mention the added awareness created by now seemingly regular storms – all make for a very busy planting sector”, said Harry Frew – Managing Director, Cheviot Trees.

This has led to a significant increase in demand for tree shelters as the forestry, farming, estate management and landscaping sectors seek to ensure the best survival rates for their saplings.

“The principal sectors in which we operate have been exceptionally busy – driven by ambitious planting targets, increased levels of funding, and a growing awareness of how tree planting can help address climate change and deliver benefits to business”, said Andrew Henderson – Managing Director, British Hardwood Tree Nursery.

The challenges of a busy tree planting season

Whilst impressive progress has been made across the country, the sharp rise in demand for tree shelters compared to previous years and the rising cost of materials has put pressure on the supply chain, as production operations prepare to scale up to meet increased demand.

As Richard Gill, Sales Director of distributor Green-tech pointed out, “The post-pandemic bounce back coupled with global supply chain stress has meant that as a business we have had to adapt and become solutions-led, ensuring availability and delivery has met contractors’ expectations. I really feel the forestry industry has risen to the challenge this year, with manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and clients working together to get the job done within the window of the winter planting season.”

Increased tree planting efforts from organisations ranging from local community groups to carbon offsetting businesses have also led to more reactive and ad-hoc ordering of tree shelters – further increasing production pressures, as distributors have to honour contractual purchases first.

How Tubex will support the increased demand in tree planting

“We’re likely to see yet more demand in the coming years as people start to get their heads around applying for the new government incentives,” said James Taylor, Marketing & Product Development Director at Tubex.

“There was definitely a strain on stock this season, but we have adapted and are building our summer stock accordingly to ensure that our distributors are supplied well in advance of the next season. We’ve also relocated some of our converting assets from the U.S. to our Aberdare facility, as well as looking to invest in automation to really maximise our capacity and flexibility, even in the height of the season.

“At the same time, we are continuing to invest heavily in sustainable solutions to ensure we’re being environmentally responsible as well as to support customers’ sustainability requirements.  As well as simplifying our Collection and Recycling Programme to make it more accessible, we’ve also introduced the Tubex Nature range of biodegradable tree shelters,” said James Taylor.

“In respect of the challenges we expect to face as we move towards the 2022-23 season, they are very similar to those faced by most industries at the moment. Rising costs, availability of raw materials and labour issues are affecting commerce generally at the moment, but we are confident we have the flexibility, capability and drive to rise to the challenge.

“By continuing to innovate and deliver value in tree protection, as well as increasing our commitment to recycling to make tree shelters an integral part of a sustainable solution, the future looks really promising,” concluded James.

For more information on Tubex and how tree shelters are key to the success of tree planting schemes across the UK, you can visit:

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