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Tubex to showcase biodegradable and recyclable tree protection upgrades at KWF 2024

6 June 2024

Tubex Nature shelters in the field

Tubex will be showcasing its full portfolio of tree protection solutions – including recyclable and biodegradable shelters – at KWF 2024 in Schwarzenborn, Hesse, Germany.

Tubex will display the latest products in its biodegradable Tubex Nature range on stand W2-586, which are ideal for use in locations where collection and recycling is not feasible. The new, expanded selection now offers ventilated Tubex Ventex alongside Easywrap, Shrub Shelters and Vole Guard shelter styles to meet a broad variety of demands, industry requirements and applications.

Tubex biodegradable shelters

Tubex’s biodegradable shelters are manufactured using a bio-based blend, including sugarcane, corn and starch. This means these shelters can be left to biodegrade in situ and will, over time, start to degrade and breakdown into water and CO2 through a microbiological process.

Last year, Tubex worked with Wageningen University to independently test the material used for Tubex Nature in order to find the most suitable formulation that achieves a balance between long-term protection and effective biodegradation.  The findings of this project have since been used to optimise the performance of Tubex Nature tree shelters.

There have also been several practical improvements made to its entire Nature range, such as doubling the tube’s resistance to force during zip tie tightening and refining the shelter’s flared rim for enhanced smoothness during installation.

The Tubex Nature biodegradable portfolio sits alongside its array of recyclable shelters made with an average of 35% recycled content, allowing customers to choose the shelter type that is most suitable for their planting circumstances.

tubex biodegradable research

Alongside promoting best planting practices, the company will also be advocating responsible collection and recycling at KWF, emphasising that recyclable shelters that are collected and recycled remain the lowest impact option for any tree that requires individual protection.

Tubex will highlight its Collection and Recycling Programme which is available in Germany and provides an accessible, low-cost solution for forestry, farming, and landscaping professionals looking to recycle their used tree shelters at end-of-life.

Created and managed by Tubex in partnership with RIGK, the recycling scheme enables old tree shelters to be collected on-site at a flat-rate price of €49 per bag. Once collected, used tree shelters are then recycled, ensuring that the recycled polymer is re-used locally to achieve the lowest environmental impact.

“Tubex is delighted to participate in KWF 2024 and showcase our range of shelters to the German market. We eagerly anticipate many engaging and meaningful discussions with forestry industry experts,” commented James Taylor, Commercial Director at Tubex.

“The breadth of our range means we can offer the right protection for the right tree in the right environment, with a comprehensive selection of recyclable and biodegradable options.”

Established in 1964, KWF has evolved into the world’s largest forestry exhibition, offering live demonstrations, expert insights and networking opportunities for forestry professionals worldwide. This year’s event, themed ‘Experience Forestry,’ marks its 18th edition.

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